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Cabernet Sauvignon 2009
Salami teasing the nose with a subtle fl
avours of hazel. A full bodied wine, complimented with deep powerful red berries on the palate and a slight plumy strawberry aftertaste.
Rated 3 Star in the Top 5 with Wine Magazine

Merlot 2009
Subtle undertones of ripe plum and blackberries followed by mouth filling minty/smoky ar

Shiraz 2009
Light pepper and meaty undertones in the air. Rich in plum and red berries which tingles the palate with a delicate spiced-smoky finish.
Rated 2 Star with Wine Magazine

Signature Red 2009
The nose is greeted by a delicate mix of spices followed by ripe berry undertones. Light meat tones on the palate with a soft
cigar-box” finish.
Rated 2 1/2 Star with Wine Magazine.

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